Congrats, you two! Read how it all started and be inspired!

We met during our masters degree in the U.K. We had mutual friend whom he came to visit and he saw me. The thing was that I didn’t know there was someone in the house visiting, I saw what I thought was my backpack, and started wondering why my backpack was downstairs, in the dining area.

As I was making my way back to my room with the supposed backpack, this calm voice said to me, “where are you going with my backpack?” I said it was mine, and kept a serious face wondering what game he was playing at, and he repeated it again that it was his.

I took a closer look at the backpack and realised it wasn’t mine. I apologised and ran up to my room.
He came visiting again, this time to see me….

The proposal didn’t come as a surprise because all along we knew what we wanted, though we came across lots of challenges, but God showed himself true.

Chidinma Ubah 💝 Christain Akpan
The TM & Wedding is on the 1st and 3rd March 2018

Event planner -3003events
Prewedding photographer – tayorski
Cinematography – whphmedia
Wedding photographer – Euclase
Wedding hashtags #DoubleC2018 #HappyEnding2018

Instagram: @goodnesskccua , @kris_akpan , @luxuryknotsbyjolena



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